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@ Davos, Trump Affirms Israel, Disavows Palestinians!

Pres. Trump Affirms Israel, Disavows Palestinians
January 25, 2018

In a dramatic one-on-one at the Davos Economic Forum, US President Donald Trump met with P.M. Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi) of Israel on Thursday, January 25, 2018). Have you heard about it?

In their brief news conference, Bibi thanked the President profusely for his unstinting support of the Israeli position vis a vis the Palestinians (without once even mentioning the Palestinians).

President Trump, for his part, again reiterated his threat of divesting even more funds for Palestinians (So far, $65m withheld from UNRWA, which helps refugees in camps because no room in Israel). He claims "hundreds of millions" of US dollars (a gross exaggeration), have gone to the Palestinians and they have made no "progress toward peace."

By recognizing "Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel", Mr. Trump has virtually invalidated any Palestinian claims to E. Jerusalem as its capital, or to any part of the land; while virtually validating Israel's claim to all of Jerusalem as its "eternal and undivided capital." And, Palestinians, stop your resistance! In the process, he has abandoned US leadership in brokering any "peace" between Israel and the Arab Palestinians.

By "taking Jerusalem off the table", our President implies that Palestinians have no valid claims for redress or restitution in regards to how they have been treated through the decades leading to the present state of affairs. So now, the Israelis have less incentive than ever to stop the settlements being built on stolen land, home and orchard demolition, restrictions on movement, home invasions to terrorize children/families and other indignities.

It's onward and upward for the debilitating Occupation in the foreseeable future, with its disregard for human and property rights, all to the long-term detriment of Israel and a growing number of Jews there and here who are wanting to follow a truer form of Judaism (such as respecting the rights of non-Jews).

Instead of threatening the withholding of funds to Israel ($3.6b/year), for their mistreatment of the Palestinians, the President is withholding funds set aside for the Palestinians (isn't that a Congressional decision?) and has purposely removed a main "bargaining chip" the Palestinians have always wanted to use to press their case for legitimacy (and in keeping with the UN and international expectations since 1947/48).

"Peace" in Israeli/US terms, is for the Palestinians to withdraw their claims of human rights violations and accept the degrading treatment the Israelis have meted out to them through all the years. All Israel requires is that the Palestinians "accept the State of Israel," by which is meant giving up any and all claims of Palestinian autonomy, their own state, and accepting total Israeli control over all the land. Then, there will be "peace." What a deal! But more importantly, the US President now clearly sides with the Israeli point of view.

So, what of the Palestinians now? Through 82-year-old President Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinians have disavowed the US as an honest broker, calling for someone else to deal with the Israeli/US axis on their behalf. He even refused to meet with VP Pence during his visit there this week.

Who will step up? Belgian has offered $25m in help. The UN and European countries are totally distrusted by the Israelis. As far as the Israelis are concerned, no broker is needed to broker anything. There is nothing to negotiate, change or discuss. The US has their back. It's "Get your embassy here and keep attacking Iran."

Yet we, in the grassroots resistance, will continue to lift up the Palestinian plight. We will present the Palestinian narrative, with their legitimate claims, to America people. We will press for changes in what America expects of our friends, the Israelis: Justice. Equality. Respect.

All of the above is to whet your appetite to attend our four sessions on the Kairos Palestine document of 2009 where Christians there plead for understanding and help: Holland Library, 7:00, Jan. 30, Feb. 6, 13, and 20.

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