Thursday, September 5, 2013

Say NO to US military against Syria!

Dear Friend,

Please be part of the US groundswell of OPPOSITION to a military "strike" against Syria! Read or scan the articles that have been assembled in this PCUSA mailing I'm forwarding to you (PCUSA responds to Syria). Middle East followers of Jesus are uniformly AGAINST unilateral US military intervention in this civil war!

Here is the relevant material from the Presbyterian Church Office of Public Witness:

from the Washington Office of Public Witness

The U.S. Congress is expected to vote early next week on authorization of military force against Syria. While the use of chemical weapons should be unequivocally condemned, regardless of who perpetrated the attack, it is also the case that many states have helped fuel the armed conflict in Syria by sending weapons to the region. Instead of exacerbating the conflict with military strikes, the United States should seek an international agreement on an arms embargo and back dialogue that alone can end the horrific violence.

As Christians we are called to be disciples of peace.

Contact your Senators and Representative today to oppose U.S. military action against Syria. Tell them to:

1.Vote against an authorization of military force against Syria. U.S. military action would mean the U.S. government is taking sides in a civil war, would cause further destruction, and would push the Syrian people further into relentless civil war.

2.Support an alternative response to the conflict through vigorous peace negotiations among the Syrian government, rebel groups and civil society; provide humanitarian assistance to the people of Syria fleeing the conflict; and work through the United Nations and the International Criminal Court to bring those responsible for use of chemical weapons to justice.

We must use extreme caution in implementing policies that might escalate the conflict. Limited engagement is never truly limited and any military option the President might choose will result in the deaths of more Syrians, including innocent civilians.

Please urge your members of congress to have the courage shown by other strong leaders in the past to hold off on military action and renew the efforts for a diplomatic solution. We must work with the United Nations and other governments to contain the violence, restore stability in the region, provide humanitarian assistance, and encourage the building of an inclusive society in Syria that protects the rights of all its citizens.

It is only through nonviolent means that we can hope for radical change that leads to a just peace.

JRK again: Deeper US military involvement in Syria would perhaps spread to our region (I/P). There is no international backing for this unilateral move by the US. There will be unintended consequences, fighting violence with more violence, using extremism only inflames extremists (not tame them, as asserted by Sec. Kerry!)

There is no good outcome for this action. There are other ways to do the right thing. JRK for FPI