Tuesday, May 20, 2014

More Destruction

Dear Friends

Daoud Nasser is a friend at Tent of Nations, the West Bank, seeking to maintain a nonviolent presence in the midst of Israeli encroachment. Here is his message that came early this morning:

Tent of Nations / Nassar Farm

Today at 08.00, Israeli bulldozers came to the fertile valley of the farm where we planted fruit trees 10 years ago, and destroyed the terraces and all our trees there. More than 1500 apricot and apple trees as well as grape plants were smashed and destroyed.

We informed our lawyer who is preparing the papers for appeal. Please be prepared to respond. We will need your support as you inform friends, churches and representatives when action is needed. Please wait for the moment and we will soon let you know about next steps and actions.

Thank you so much for all your support and solidarity.

Blessings and Salaam,

Dear Friend,
Soon, I will be issuing a call for a Kairos Community to be formed here in the Holland, MI area, for us to come alongside each other, to be part of a growing network of advocacy and action groups seeking justice for Palestinians and security for Israelis. We/I will be working with Kairos USA, the follow-up response to Kairos Palestine, the call from Palestinian Christians for support in their journey toward greater justice. I'm not content to continue with just a "listserv". We need to be linked with others, in churches and communities around the nation. KUSA is the vehicle I've chosen to allow this to happen.

KUSA now has a couple of organizers and will be working with so-called ecumenical and evangelical churches. Pray with me for this. JRK