Thursday, December 23, 2010

'Twas the Night Before Christmas!

Dear Friend on the Day before Christmas,
Do you remember when there was no room for Joseph and Mary and a child on the way?

It's happening again . . . .and again, in the West Bank. Tonight and almost every night during 2010. Read on (with thanks to Noushin Framke for this UN post).

And my commentary and Christmas greeting to you is below the article . . . with much appreciation to you for your patience and willingness to receive these posts, JRK

United Nations

Statement on the increase in house demolitions in the West Bank and East Jerusalem
by Mr Maxwell Gaylard, the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for the occupied Palestinian territory

22nd December 2010
For Immediate Release:

Earlier today Maxwell Gaylard, the United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator for the occupied Palestinian territory, visited the site of a Palestinian home which had been demolished just twenty four hours earlier, following an order by the relevant authorities of the Government of Israel.

Mr Gaylard visited and spoke with the families affected in the Ras Al Amud neighbourhood of East Jerusalem. This particular demolition resulted in the displacement of thirteen people, all registered refugees, including four children.

In a statement Mr Gaylard said, "the destruction of this home and the displacement of these people raises serious concerns with regard to Israel’s obligations under international law.”

Along with this incident in Ras Al Amud there have been two further demolitions, in Sur Baher in East Jerusalem, and the village of Nu'man near Jerusalem. These incidents are a manifestation of the increase in such demolitions in 2010, during which 396 Palestinian structures were demolished in East Jerusalem and other areas under full Israeli control in the West Bank. This compares to 275 in the previous year – an increase of almost 45 %. As a result this year, 561 people have been displaced, including 280 children, and the livelihoods of over 3,000 people have also been affected.

“These actions have a severe social and economic impact on the lives and welfare of Palestinians and increase their dependence on humanitarian assistance. The position of the United Nations remains that the Government of Israel must take immediate steps to cease demolitions and evictions in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem,” Mr. Gaylard said.

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For Israel, conquered territory is conquered territory and it's all theirs to do with as they will.

To the "international community" (except the USA), it's occupied territory, and the people of the land have the right of return (and the occupiers must leave). Except in Isr/Pal. This condition there has festered for decades. It is still unresolved, by the wishes of Israel and the ("powerful") USA.

Because we squander or misuse "power", US "power" is slowly diminishing,
in Isr/:Pal (where Isr has all the power, we exercise none),
in the ME (among the 22 Arabs states, who are in collusion with Isr/US [we're buying them off),
and in the world (who look on with amazement at how the Israeli tail is leading the Dog in the race.

And all of this continues, year after dreary year. Nothing changes.

Or so most think. The majority are wrong.

There was no room for another family one night, as on this night many years go, when a Child was born in a livestock stall. Lowly, gentle, easy to ignore or despise, powerless. But He turned out to be truthful. And persistent. Single-minded. Loving. Not out for himself, non-manipulative, giving, caring. Especially for the marginalized, the outcast, those who had none to speak up for them. He came to his own, showing them, demonstrating for them, The Way.

His own refused to accept or believe in him or walk in his Way.

But to those who did, he gave them the right to be called "children of God". Born, not of human intention, but "of the Spirit of God".

A community of believers continues to live out of this Man's energy, cast his vision and live his ethic. And here is his way of of "ruling": Speaking truth to power, loving in persistent, strong, unflinching ways, serving persons in need, knowing the heart of God, and that "peace on earth, good will to mortals" is the final goal of heaven and earth; and actually bringing peace, reconciliation between enemies, through costly forgiveness.

Peace was achieved, between heaven and earth. Peace is being achieved. Peace will be achieved. Not a slogan to be bandied about, manipulated and crumpled like torn currency and burned in an incinerater, but person to person, flesh on flesh, one relationship at a time, until those at the "top" can no longer ignore what's happening.

It is this hope that pulls us forward, through the dark night when it appears the Dawn will never break, ever. But morning breaks and the Morning Star heralds the coming dawn. The dawn cannot be kept back. It has dawned. It is dawning. It will dawn.

Blessed are the peacemakers. They will be called the children of God.

With Christ-mas blessing to YOU. JRK