Thursday, July 3, 2014

First Gathering: Kairos USA - Holland Community!

Dear FPI - Holland Friend, (now, KUSA - Holland Community!)

AS you know, tensions are terribly heightened over the deaths of Israeli and Palestinian teenagers.

I think there is evidence that the kidnapping of the 3 Israelis teens was a rouge action, for the earlier death of two Palestinian youths, caught on security cameras along the street, which the Israelis have been hard-pressed to deny. The deaths of the Israeli teens is atrocious and unacceptable, as is the subsequent death of the Palestinian youth a few days ago. Matters seem to be escalating. We can no longer sit idly by!

Friends, we need a community of us to gather around in support of actions that will address the root causes of the I/P conflict. We need to join forces with grass roots growing up all over America, to get the attention of US governmental officials and examine our unqualified support of the Occupation, while mouthing platitudes about how "disappointed" we are over settlement activity without ever threatening the loss of financial support for going against US policies in the region.

Our topic Tuesday evening will be taking a good, hard look at Tent of Nations farm (Daoud Nasser) who had 1,500 + mature fruit trees uprooted by military forces against the court's jurisdiction. Dr. Ron Caldwell will show a power point program. We will clarify Israeli motivation for this kind of action. The meeting is in the Auditorium (lower level) of the Holland Public Library, 7:00-8:30 p.m.

Mike Spath, an organizer with Kairos-USA, (the USA response to Palestinian Christians asking for help) will cast the vision of how we will be networking with "communities" all over the US from an ecumenical and evangelical background, joining the groundswell of opposition to present US/Israeli policies.

Here is part of a call to action by our friends in the Israel/Palestinian Mission Network of the PC(USA):

Despite the General Assembly’s prophetic actions toward bringing about a just peace in Israel/Palestine, we are reminded by recent atrocities that much work remains to be done.

. . . .In addition to Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip, Israeli ground troops in the West Bank have killed twelve Palestinians and wounded 180. More than 500 Palestinians in the occupied West Bank have been arrested over the past three weeks, close to 200 without charge or trial. Israel erected ten new checkpoints within the West Bank and approved $1.5 million for illegal settlements. The Israeli government has renewed its long dormant policy of retributive home demolitions against the families of Palestinian terror suspects. Southern Israel is subject to increased rocket fire from the Gaza Strip. . . . .

The Israel/Palestine Mission Network condemns the use of violence in every case and we mourn with the families and friends of all those who have lost their lives in this ever tragic situation.

We continue to seek resolutions to the root causes of this conflict, including an end to the occupation of Palestinian territory, equal rights for all Palestinians and Israelis, and the cessation of violence, whether it is used as a means of liberation, repression, or revenge. While the intensity of the bloodshed may leave us feeling helpless, there are some things you can do right now to help achieve these goals:

PRAY for Israelis, Palestinians, and all those affected by the conflict
SUPPORT the Palestinian economy by buying Palestinian products
CONTACT members of Congress to stop funding the occupation
BOYCOTT illegal Israeli settlement products
TRAVEL to the Holy Land
LEARN more about Israel/Palestine
JOIN one of our partners (like KUSA - Holland Community!) . .
SPEAK prophetic truth to entrenched power
Together, and through the grace of God, we can witness the empowerment of all oppressed people and the emergence of a just and lasting peace in Israel/Palestine.

Friends in Holland, we need "community" to move from advocacy to action. Many of us know the issues. It's time for concerted ACTION! JRK for FPI - Holland, now KUSA - Holland Community

John for FPI - KUSA- Holland Community ()
There is no PEACE without JUSTICE; there is no justice without LOVE.