Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Meet Jeff Halper (ICAHD)!

I’ve met and interacted with Jeff Halper (in June, 2013). His positions contribute to ways that Israelis and Arab Palestinians could live in harmony together (Confederation?)

The more I read about his new book, WAR AGAINST THE PEOPLE, the more I want to see and hear him again. I can’t wait for May 6, 7:00 at Hope Reformed Church in Grand Rapids (corner Kalamazoo Ave SE and Burton).

My view is that if Americans knew what Mr. Halper knows, our unquestioning support for Israel would evaporate overnight.
Not that we wouldn’t continue to support them, but not is such an uncritical way.

Well, let me rephrase that. Our official US position has always been to be critical of the growing settlement enterprise. It’s just that there has seldom been even the threat of financial consequences, let alone the actual withholding of any of the $3.1B in annual military support. (Netanjahu’s government is wanting a 25% increase from US in the 2018-2028 period). And how sad that Mr. Trump is now on record as not seeing the Israelis settlements in the West Bank as a deterrent to peace over there (Jerusalem Post, May 3, 2016).

Mr. Halper, an American-born Jew, moved to Israel in 1973 and heads up the Israel Committee Against Home Demolitions (ICAHD). He has long been incensed over the settlement enterprise that confiscates land on which Arab Palestinians have lived for a long, long time and demolishes their homes, businesses, schools and orchards, among other countless indignities.

In touting his new book, War Against the People, he will explain why the global elites, including the US, don’t pull the plug on the settlement enterprise. Mr. Halper explains that Israel has created “Global Palestine”, providing “on-the-ground-tested” weapons of security so those in control in the US, China, Russia, India, Brazil, South Africa and other places, can “police” their unruly minorities.

Israel has developed the weaponry, the tactics and the security systems (better than our Pentagon) for wars of repression being fought today (think US urban “unrest”, and the militarization of police forces all over our country and the world) Those are Israeli weapons systems!)

Israel has made a bargain with the power elites: “We know how to keep you in power. We’ll sell you our proven weapons. What we ask in return is that you may criticize us, but let us keep our Occupation”. Even Saudi Arabia and other (Arab/Islamic) Gulf states seem to in on the bargain. Questions? Ask Jeff on Friday night!

If you can’t make it on Friday, May 6, go to his Jerusalem website, or the US affiliate: . Thanks for tracking with us here at Kairos West Michigan (KWM) with thanks to our friends at The Micah Center, Vern Hoffman and Jordan Bruxvoort.