Thursday, March 13, 2014

Israel Attacks Anti-Christian Zionists!

Dear Friend,

Today, an even greater and more successful anti-Christian Zionist conference comes to a close at Bethlehem Bible College.

The "Christ at the Crossroads" has had many iterations (the most recent in Philadelphia just before last Christmas).

The new thing is that it has caught the attention of Israeli authorities, who fear it will cut into one of their staunchest sources of support: Christian Zionists in the US.

A Christian Palestinian, Daoud Kattub, discusses the brouhaha in the attached link I'm sending. Check it out.

I'm also attaching a piece I did for a class I taught at "my congregation" a few years ago. It is a summation of Gary Burge's book debunking Christian Zionism. (Those not on my listserv, please request a copy at "")

To say (with Christian Zionists) that the present State of Israel has all the land deeded to them by God is a gross misreading of the Old and New Testament scriptures and must be exposed as heretical at every crossroads imaginable. Thank you, friends "At the Crossroads" for what you are doing! JRK

Here is the link: