Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fight Fire with Water, not More Fire!

Dear Friend,
It would be news if Muslims torched a Synogogue. Outrage in the Western press would overflow.
But when Settlers torch a Mosque, where is the outrage?
Here is the news story from the Christian Science Monitor; and attached, is a particularly pointed and accurate anecdote to how it should be dealt with. Peace, Justice, Love, JRK

Tel Aviv, Israel – Israel is worried that Jewish militants torched a West Bank mosque overnight Monday in a bid to undermine peace negotiations with the Palestinians.

A mosque in the Palestinian village of Beit Fajar, just south of Bethlehem, became the fourth in the last two years to be the target of an arson attempt, according to human rights workers. The attack is believed to be part of a campaign by vigilante settlers to ignite violence by attacking Muslim holy sites.

"Whoever did this is a terrorist in every sense of the word, and intended to hurt the chances for peace and dialogue with the Palestinians,'' said Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak in a statement. "This was a shameful act that besmirched the State of Israel and its value."

Perpetrators of previous attacks against mosques have left behind in Hebrew graffiti the words "price tag," referring to a policy of using violence against Palestinians and Israeli security forces in retaliation for outpost evacuations and militant attacks on settlers.

The price tag campaign is seen by experts as an attempt by militant settlers to deter Israel from making concessions to Palestinians, either by evacuating illegal settler outposts or by temporarily halting settlement expansion in the West Bank. Militant settlers have rioted in Palestinian villages and uprooted crops belonging to Palestinian farmers.

Now Friends, here is a comment to the CSM story by "Bobi", may she be blessed eternally [JRK]

Who did it? We know who did it. This damage to a house of worship was done by fundamentalist radicals. Does it make any difference which flavor? No it doesn't make any difference at all. What makes a difference is if the fundamentalist radicals damage the peace efforts. The buildings can be repaired and the books replaced. What can't be repaired or replaced are the lives of the innocent people in all the countries in the region who's lives are being destroyed. That would be the vast majority in all the countries in the Middle East.

The best ancedote for this kind of fundamentalist radical behavior is for the moslems to repair and replace damage done to synagoges and the jewish people to repair and replace damage done to mosques. This is what actually happens most of the time and is the really important news.

Reporters need to focus more on the good news and take away the forum from the fundamentalist radical extremist terrorists on both sides. When you trump terrorist activities with good works, then terrorism loses its power over all of us.

Israel, replace the burned books with better than they lost, send in faithful Muslims from Israel to repair the building, send in the materials for the repair of the building, and take control back over your own country. Muslims do the same. You both have to fight fire with water. Water is the source of life, cool and refreshing, fire is not (Bobi, on comments to the main story).