Monday, June 23, 2014

Jews and Christians in Dialogue

Dear Friend,

There have been many positive and negative reactions to the PCUSA divestment decision.

One of the best is from our friend, Rabbi Brant Rosen, whose synagogue is in Evanston, IL, He is aligned with Jewish Voices for Peace, progressive Jews who are working to End the Occupation of Palestinian land. He is a friend of KUSA as well.

In his blog, Rabbi Rosen summarizes the stiff opposition by mainline Jewish establishment organizations and leaders. He (and JVP) is being vilified by fellow Jews, yet is on the right side of God and history on this call.

To view his blog, go to Shalom Rav (your search engine), and read his post! Click on his link for the full message. Thank you Brant Rosen!

BTW, when Brant talks about a "new model", he means the end of the "old model" of relationships with Jewish neighbors, the model that permitted no criticism of Israeli State policies. That model is dead!

We will be working with KUSA to bring him to W. MI in the days ahead. Please put our first meeting on your calendar, July 8, 7:00 p.m. downstairs at the Holland Public Library. JRK for KUSA - Holland Commmunity