Monday, June 18, 2012

Introducing Kairos USA!

Dear Friend of Palestinians and Israelis (FPI),

I'm eager to introduce you to KUSA (Kairos USA), the Website, and the Declaration (building on K South Africa, and K Palestine), that seeks to move beyond understanding to ACTION.

The website is

Please browse the website, download at least parts of the KUSA document and consider how it may impact your own thinking, framing of the issues and actions to move beyond assessment to resolution/reconciliation.

For many years the word "OCCUPATION" was not permitted in USA media. It is more commonly found now, but not universally.

And it is still politically INCORRECT to talk of "Ending the Occupation". That is a no-no.

Yet that is exactly what KUSA and countless Jewish and American and Palestinians groups are calling for.

Scary isn't it? Wonder where it will lead? And how will we get there?

The people behind KUSA are deep thinking Christians of many backgrounds (plus at least one radical American Jew), who are calling American Christians (and others) to listen to our Palestinian Christian brothers and sisters who are asking for help. Do you hear them? Do you know them? Are you willing to cast your lot in with them?

I'm hitching my wagon to the KUSA star. What a ride it promises to be. Grab hold with those of us who are taking the Plunge. Hang on for dear life. Rather, hang on to this Live Wire, so that we can give our lives away in costly service to liberate captives, set the prisoners free, and bring health to a nation wanting to be reborn, with liberty and justice for ALL. JRK (John Kleinheksel)