Saturday, August 11, 2012

Mark Braverman on Avraham Burg

Dear Friend,

Remember my last post? The op-ed from Avraham Burg called "Israel's Fading Democracy"?

I was impressed with it. Mr. Burg seemed to be attacking what he called "Ethnic Democracy" and calling for reform. Many of you got back to me with appreciation.

Well, Mark Braverman got back to me right away, applauding Burg's critique of Israel, but questioning whether Burg was showing "the way forward". What is the way forward that Mr. Burg is proposing (was his question).

Mr. Braverman, a D. C. Jew who works with Christians on KUSA, claims that Zionism and "Democracy" just don't go together at all, and that Mr. Burg appears to be unwilling to part with Zionism.

Are you with me here? There is more.

So, we went back and forth by email, Mr. Braverman pointing me to his chapter nine (9) of FATAL EMBRACE, his 2010 book, where he discusses Mr. Burg's vision specifically. I sent him my critique of his treatment of Burg in chapter 9 in the light of Burg's NY Times op-ed. Then, he sent me his critique of my critique (ask me for the documents).

Bottom line for Mr. Braverman is this: There is no way to "reform" or "purify" Zionism and still have "Democracy". One or the other has to go. That is the choice. Whether that means a "One State" with equality for all; or a "Two State" side by side in peace and security.

If you are willing to go deeper and further, I urge you to ask me for two documents that detail our email correspondence. Consider for yourself what might be a "way forward" for the US and people of faith. (BDS has to be considered a live option!)

BTW, for Holland, FPI people: THE COURSE I'LL BE LEADING @ HASP, (Oct. 31, Nov. 7 and 14) WILL BE ON KAIROS USA (NOT KAIROS PALESTINE). Kairos USA is an American Christian response to K Palestine. Sorry about any confusion. Please sign up and let's have civil discourse on the important topic of US policy in Isr/Pal. JRK

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