Thursday, July 12, 2012

A New Era Begins

Dear Friend,

I did not attend Gen. Ass. in Pittsburg, but followed developments very closely.

Anna Baltzer, ond of our "friends" was there,. She is a beautiful Jewess, in every sense of the term. She heads up the US Campaign to END THE OCCUPATION. I forwarded her latest blog post to my FPI Listserve. (Google her blog to read all the developments. Below is my commentary leading into her exciting blog.

Some of us think the tipping point has been reached and and we are about to go into uncharted territory. Sympathizers with Israel as it has emerged (especially since the occupation of 1967) have reason to be alarmed. RCA and PCUSA conservative persons are fearful, wondering about BDS (see below). I will be prodding the RCA to get going on the the "Network" idea in each (regional) "Classis" to inform people about the realities on the ground and to get information out to our congregants. KUSA is emerging as an ally of those wanting to take active nonviolent action to oppose the Occupation of Palestinian land.

BTW, the so-called Levy report (from a commission appointed by PM Netanyahu) has concluded there is NO Occupation, because there was no "nation" that previously controlled the land. If Bibi's "Settlement" Chief adopts the report, watch for the settlements to explode even faster than before. I have not gotten excited about the Levy report. It is irrelevant to what is happening on the ground as I write this. The present Likud government has never sought justification for its settlement activity. It has always gone full speed ahead in the face of almost total internation condemnation. That the US government has sanctioned and supported the colonialization of all the land of Isr/Pal is to our lasting discredit (and must change. Read on).

I know some of you are "scared" where this is all leading. Friends, we are in new territory. It is, as Anne say, the beginning of a "New Era". Fasten your seat belts. And stay sane and sensitive to Israeli distrust and anxiety. The younger generations will be served. New leadership is emerging. The status quo will not hold. The concrete is breaking up by the force of growing roots from underneath. Faithfully yours, JRK

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Mark CoffmAN said...

Yes I believe some of you aught to be scared. While the Lord is delaying His Judgment upon the U.S., we have those who claim the Name of Christ but curse His brothers. Wake up you despoilers of Israel, you den of iniquity, you who call yourselves "Christian" and condemn Israel, "The Apple of God's Eye". Keep poking God in the eye and expect to get slapped, and slapped hard.
In this time of delayed judgement it is time for us to fall on our faces in humility and repentance, to Love God with all our hearts, all our soul, and all our might. To Bless Israel, not condemn Her, to bring Her to the saving Grace of our Messiah, not antagonize Her with these erroneous beliefs of Her oppressing the "palestinians". To support Israel in Her endeavors, and Bless Herr as God's chosen should be the heartfelt calling of all who claim the Name of Jesus. Beware you hypocrites, you hearers of the Word, but not doers. Beware of the wrath of the Almighty, which shall fall upon those who have not done it to the least of these, to those who in ignorance or open knowledge of their sin, continue to condemn Israel. Repent for the time is short, God will not stay His hand much longer, both in judgement upon this country, but also upon individuals, who do not bless Israel. Shalom