Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Organizations for Justice and Peace in Isr/Pal

Dear Friend,
Below is a representative listing of organizations working for security and peace among Israelis and Palestinians.
It is not exhaustive, but representative of the many, many folks seeking to break demonic powers wanting to sustain the "status quo" which is falling so short of security for Israelis and "justice" for Palestinians. JRK

Organizations and Agencies Promoting Justice and Peace in Israel/Palestine
Compiled by John R. Kleinheksel Sr. (Friends of Palestinians and Israelis) compiles important material sent to a distribution list that is free for the asking. Information. Not found in US media. Conciliatory.

Light for the World ( Marlin and Sally Vis site. They want you to join them on tour in Isr/Pal. This site has links to many agencies too; ones not listed on this page.
The Israel/Palestinian Mission Network ( The PC (USA) mission network dedicated to finding security for Israel and justice for Palestinians. Direct action, advocacy.
Seeds of Peace ( ) To help Jewish and Palestinian youth develop leadership skills, bringing about reconciliation in the coming generations
Combatants for Peace ( Former Israel Defense Force and Palestinian fighters, seeking the way to peace apart from military means
The Parents Family Circle ( Isr and Pal parents who have lost children/youth to the “terror tactics” of the other side. To find peace, reconciliation
J Street ( “Pro-Israel, pro-peace” lobby group, seeking to counter AIPAC, (The America-Israel PAC) the more traditional lobbying giant in Washington D.C.
The Holy Land Trust ( Based in Bethlehem, seeking nonviolent solutions to development and leadership training
Mar Elias Schools ( > The educational institutions of Bishop Elias Chacour, in Isr/Pal (He of “Blood Brothers” fame). Muslims, Christians and Jews attend these schools. There is an American component to this movement.
Americans for Peace Now ( Basically Jewish based, aligned with the Peace Now folks in Israel. Seeking a way for Israel and the Palestinians to be reconciled
End the Occupation ( Anna Baltzer the new Nation organizer, seeking to change US policies that sustain the occupation and deny human rights to the Palestinians.
The Kairos Palestine document ( The IPMN (above) has prepared a three-week study for congregations to understand and implement the Kairos Palestine document. The document was composed by Palestinian Christian leaders, asking for help.
SABEEL ( or for the North American branch. Sabeel is the ecumenical liberation theology center of (Anglican-based) Palestinian Christians, seeking justice
Musalaha ( Youth retreats for Jews and Palestinians, learning each others’ narrative, finding compassion, understanding, ways to move forward. Grass roots.

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