Monday, August 6, 2007

A Snippet of Truth

Marzin Qumsiyeh writes extensively on his recent trip to the West Bank.

Here is a small but relevant piece, right in the middle of his report, that is worth pondering. It is the truth about the situation over there. The US needs to take this accurate assessment into account in dealing with all sides. JRK

I could go on and on about all the positive and energetic people we met(literally hundreds over a very short period of time).

Naturally, there are those fewer individuals (Israelis, Palestinians, Internationals) who are despondent or have even given up. But even among those, we find so many who continue to do their work for peace or at least "do no harm" (and that must always be the golden rule for all of us).

And naturally, there are yet smaller numbers who indeed do harm: they include not only the Israeli system but Palestinian extremists who profit from endless conflicts.

All of that still confirms what should be obvious by now: the struggles are not between Israelis and Palestinians orShi'a and Sunni etc. but has always been between those with greed for power and control (a mean "do-harm" minority) and the rest of humanity (the have-nots, the oppressed majority etc).

It is the latter who pay the price. [Marzin Qumsiyeh]

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